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Why Should Athletes Consider Using Custom Athletic Mouth Guards?

BY Short Pump Family Dentistry

When participating in sports or extreme activities that involve a lot of body contacts or fallings, a dental injury is often inevitable. Dental injury may result in need of root canal treatment, tooth loss, or concussion. In those injuries mentioned, an athletic mouth guard plays a significant role in preventing these things from happening.

At Short Pump Family Dentistry, we encourage patients to consider custom mouth guard for a more comfortable and fit mouth guard. Below are the reasons why custom athletic mouth guards should be considered.

What are the benefits of a custom athletic mouth guards?

  • Proper fit

Mouth guards are not made to fit all people’s mouth sizes. Custom athletic mouth guards are designed with the patient’s dental history along with the specific sport they are playing. This means that braces and any treatments the patient has had are protected along with their teeth and gums.

  • Provides comfort

Since the custom athletic mouth guard is made from a direct impression of the mouth, there isn’t any unnecessary or unwanted bulky material left over. The custom athletic mouth guard stays put on the mouth without worrying that it will slip out of the mouth. This will make breathing, talking, and swallowing less of a problem. Due to this, custom athletic mouth guards are more likely comfortable to wear than non-custom ones.

  • Gives maximum protection

Custom athletic mouth guards secure and protects the teeth from any injury. It also serve as a shock absorber and distributes the impact properly to prevent laceration and bruise on the mouth. With custom athletic mouth guards, concussions are prevented. It also protects any dental appliance you have in your mouth, such as braces, retainers, implant-supported dentures, dental implants, and more.

  • Correct thickness

The correct thickness of the mouth guard will be custom made depending on what specific activity the person is participating in. For sports that require heavy body contacts such as boxing, hockey, and football, a thicker athletic mouth guard is appropriate to handle any impact. Sports that require less contact such as tennis and racquetball, a thinner athletic is suitable because the impact is much less likely to occur and less severe.

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