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Common Misconceptions About Tooth Extraction

BY Short Pump Family Dentistry

The procedure of tooth extraction is painful

This is one of the biggest myths that is often associated with the tooth extraction procedure. Some people believe that having the tooth extracted from the mouth is extremely painful and will take a longer time. However, that is not true. The procedure for tooth extraction now is not painful, all thanks to the help of sedation dentistry. Dentists nowadays utilize minimally invasive extraction methods and sedation options to ensure the comfort of the patient throughout the entire procedure.

Pulling out the infected or damaged tooth is always the best option

Some people think that the best treatment for an infected or damaged tooth is undergoing a tooth extraction, but that is not always the case. Dentists would still prefer to save and preserve the tooth rather than have it extracted completely. Root canal treatment or dental crowns are usually recommended for a damaged or infected tooth. However, if the tooth is irreparable, then extraction may be needed.

Recovering from a tooth extraction takes a long time

It will only take about a week or two for the tooth’s socket to heal following a removal. Most patients will only feel discomfort or pain for a few days after the procedure. Following the appropriate aftercare instructions diligently are vital for a quick recovery and to keep you away from any complications.

Upper teeth extraction affects the function of the eyes

Extracting the upper teeth is often misunderstood because of pain and swelling of an upper tooth radiates toward the cheekbones and lower portion of the eyes. In fact, extracting the upper teeth does not affect the vision of the eyes.

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