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Dental Fillings: The Don’ts to Follow in Richmond, VA

BY Short Pump Family Dentistry

Fillings are used to repair the decayed tooth. They can be made from silver or composite resin material. Here at Short Pump Family Dentistry, we do not recommend amalgam (silver) fillings to patients because this type of restoration has many disadvantages. The one that we always suggest to them are composite or commonly known as white fillings. We want our patients to embrace amazing benefits from our dental services, and we believe that dental fillings have a lot of advantages in store for them. The said option offers a natural look which our patients love. It can as well be utilized to mend cosmetic issues. However, those who invested in dental fillings should give their teeth restorations the right care for them to embrace their benefits longer. Here are the don’ts of fillings aftercare that everyone must observe:

Don’t be a mindless eater

After getting dental fillings, do not consume foods right away; especially if the numbing effect of the anesthesia doesn’t wear off yet. If the dentist places the composite material on the tooth located at the left part of the mouth, consider eating on the right side.

Don’t ignore bad bites

See the dental professional immediately once bite problems are noticed. The dentist will make any alterations to the fillings so they will not create a further imbalance in the mouth.

Don’t stop practicing good oral hygiene

Even if the dentist treats the decayed tooth already, the person should still observe healthy oral habits to avoid the other teeth from getting cavities. Eating sugary foods, consuming acidic drinks, and neglecting proper oral hygiene practices are the things that patients should stop doing.

Don’t hesitate to ask the dentist’s assistance

If there’s someone that patients should rely on when it comes to their oral health as well as their dental restorations it’s the dentist. Dental professionals are ready to answer the queries of patients regarding the services they offer, like the dental filling treatment.

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