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Dentures: The All-Time Solution for Tooth Loss – Richmond, VA

BY Short Pump Family Dentistry

Over the years, tooth loss continues to be one of the most common and dreaded occurrences anyone would like to avoid as much as possible. Although some of its factors are avoidable by maintaining proper hygiene and care practices, others can be inevitable. Thankfully, dentistry has a particular field that grants people who lost their teeth to regain a complete smile. Although there are now several options available, the one that served as the solution for many years now is dentures.

Anyone is familiar with the said appliance since it can be seen in movies and even cartoons; however, mostly in a bad light. Well, dentures do have quite a history. It may not be the most pleasant, but it definitely is interesting. Curious? Read on.

History of Dentures

Believe it or not, tooth loss has been a problem in the past too. That is why the ancient people tried to develop means for its replacement with the resources available in their time. The old dentures were quite easy to produce; however, the materials used deteriorated quickly. Etruscans from 700BC used both animal and human teeth for their version of dentures. It may not be the most ideal—much less sanitary, but it remained popular until the mid-1800s.

In the 1700s, dentures made from ivory became popular, and the primary sources of material are from hippopotamus, walrus, and even elephants. One of the most famous denture-wearers in the past was the first U.S President, George Washington. Others believed that his oral appliance was made of wood which in truth is actually a mixture of ivory and animal teeth(from horses and donkeys).

As years passed, new materials are being used for the creation of dentures like in 1774 where Alexis Duchâteau created the first porcelain dentures, but the prosthesis easily chipped and even looked too yellow to be natural. The popular choice that time was dentures made from human teeth since it gives off the most ‘natural look’. In 1820, Claudius Ash—a silversmith and goldsmith, mounted pieces of porcelain on an 18K gold plate that is supported by silver swivels and springs. This type of denture became the most favorable in terms of functionality and aesthetics. More years have passed, and vulcanite has been discovered to serve as the base for the dentures. Fast forward to the 10th century, acrylic resin and other plastic materials became the best choice.

At Short Pump Family Dentistry, we ensure our patients that the dentures we offer at our practice are far from the ones provided in the past, thanks to the continuous advances in technology. That is why we encourage our patients to invest in either a complete or partial denture, depending on their needs.

Been wanting to have the gaps in your jaws due to tooth loss filled in? Consider getting our Dentures in Richmond, VA! Book your appointment with us at Short Pump Family Dentistry to get started.

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