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Getting to Know More About Scaling and Root Planing

BY Short Pump Family Dentistry

A hygienist or dentist can provide scaling and root planing. Generally, local anesthesia is administered to make the procedure less uncomfortable. Before undergoing the process, it is best to inform the dental professional of one’s health history.

How scaling and root planing becomes necessary

A film constantly covers the teeth made up of bacteria, proteins, and saliva. But when eating, tiny debris, sugar, and acids get stuck to this film which results in plaque formation. The bacteria found in plaque causes gum disease and tooth decay. When a person has healthy gums, the tissue will have a strong bond with the teeth which helps keep plaque out. However, due to gum disease, the soft tissues will loosen; allowing plaque to form below the gum line. This situation is when a scaling and root planing procedure comes in handy.

How does it feel like to undergo this procedure?

Dental scaling can be uncomfortable, particularly for people who have sensitive gums. The process may take several appointments, with each visit addressing a different area of the mouth. Some dentists divide the mouth into four quadrants, while others will divide the mouth into two halves to perform the procedure. However, depending on the patient, the procedure can be done in one sitting. Unfortunately, this option is only possible for patients who have moderate gum disease and are willing to sit for long hours.

What happens after the procedure?

Patients may feel soreness and sensitivity after the dental scaling and root planing procedure. Others experience swelling or bleeding for a few days. To alleviate the discomfort felt, the dentist or hygienist may suggest a desensitizing toothpaste. A prescription mouthwash may be recommended as well to help disinfect and keep the gums clean. In addition, proper brushing and flossing procedure is advised to prevent plaque from forming again in the treated areas.

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