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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Over the past few decades teeth whitening has become one of the most common and popular cosmetic dentistry procedures available. It only takes a glance at the amazing difference that just one whitening treatment can make to your smile to see why.

At Short Pump Family Dentistry, Dr. Tse employs Philips Professional Zoom Whitening to remove any stains and brighten his patients’ teeth. With Philips Professional Zoom Whitening, a single 45-minute session can be all it takes for our office to make your teeth sparkling white.

Schedule a consultation today with Short Pump Family Dentistry and see if your teeth are ready for the Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatments.
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Dental bonding uses resin in the front or back teeth to restore decaying teeth, lighten stains, correct minor gaps, or even correct crooked teeth. The tooth is prepared by making a light etching on its surface, and then a bonding resin is placed atop it. The tooth is then bonded, sculpted, colored and shaped to make its appearance and function as good as new. After curing the tooth with a high-intensity curing light, and polishing it, you can see a significant improvement in appearance. Dental Bonding treatments can be done in as little as one visit, and they usually last three to five years, sometimes even longer, before needing repair.
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Veneers, which are also known as porcelain veneers, are simply a thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to an existing tooth. Veneers are a wonderful option to give yourself an even and beautiful smile by covering the front surface of the teeth. With a veneer, it is possible to change the shape, size, length, and color of teeth.

The application of veneers can be completed in usually about three visits to our Short Pump dental office, involving a consultation with Dr. Tse, and taking an impression of your teeth to send off for the veneers to be made. Veneers will require the same care as regular teeth, so brushing twice a day and flossing, along with trips to the dentist, will make certain that you have a bright, healthy smile for many years to come.
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Invisalign is one of the most convenient and comfortable options for straightening your teeth. Adults and teens alike appreciate our approach to Invisalign treatment at Short Pump Family Dentistry - especially the minimal effect it will have on how you live and look.

Invisalign can effectively treat a large variety of malocclusion cases such as misalignment, spacing, overbite and underbite. Invisalign not only straightens your teeth, but they also allow you to eat any food you would like. The clear, plastic, removable straightening trays used by Invisalign are almost invisible which also allow you to continue your normal brushing and flossing.
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At Short Pump Family Dentistry one of our goals is to provide you with dental work that is imperceptible and looks great. We work hard to replace any existing fillings or crowns with restorations that feel and look just like your existing teeth.

Crowns are used to support damage to your teeth and to fix any functional problems like chewing. Dental crowns can be constructed from many materials, like ceramic, gold, or porcelain bonded to another material. The fitting of a dental crown usually requires at least two visits. On the first visit, the dentist will remove any decay and shape the tooth as needed. Then he will fit the tooth with a temporary crown. On the next visit, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and replace it with a permanent one. Once this crown is adjusted, it may be necessary to cement it into place, and then you will leave with a new beautiful tooth!
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A dental bridge is used to replace your missing teeth by attaching artificial teeth to the adjacent or abutment teeth. This fixed bridge is made by placing crowns on the abutment teeth for support or by bonding a fake tooth, or pontic, directly to the adjacent teeth. Bridges can be made of many different materials including porcelain, gold, or a combination of the two.

The fitting of a dental bridge takes a just a couple of appointments at Short Pump Family Dentistry. Dr. Tse first prepares teeth on either side of the place where the missing tooth is, by taking away a small bit of enamel and dentin. As dental bridges must be precisely constructed to make sure that a correct bite is created, impressions of the teeth are made and sent off to a lab. A temporary bridge will be placed in your mouth to protect the teeth until the procedure is finished.

It is very important to make sure that a healthy regimen of flossing and brushing is adhered to in order to keep the bridge and its neighboring teeth clean and healthy.
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