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As your premier dentist in Short Pump, Virginia, Dr. David Tse and the staff at Short Pump Family Dentistry work hard to make sure all of our patients have proper oral health.
Though most people only think of visiting a dentist when there is a dental problem, many studies have shown that preventive dental care can vastly lower the risk of many common chronic health issues. Research has linked decay in teeth and gum disease (periodontitis) with illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer and stroke. The connection between keeping up oral health and a person’s overall health is important to us, and Dr. Tse and his staff work hard to make sure our patients are aware of this.

Preventive Dentistry in Short Pump

In order to lower your risk for dental health issues linked to these types of illnesses, we recommend that our patients practice at-home dental care that includes:

  • Brush twice a day to clean your gums and teeth. The ADA recommends brushing for at least two minutes at a time.
  • Flossing daily. Flossing removes the food and most bacteria from in between your teeth and below your gum line which are areas frequently beset with dental decay.
  • Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash. Rinsing with a mouthwash does not work alone, but it does add another layer of protection to any oral hygiene routine.

Dental Exams and X-Rays

At Short Pump Family Dentistry, we recommend that most patients should visit the office every six months for their checkups and X-rays. For patients with more complicated treatment needs, they may need to visit our office more frequently to make sure their oral health stays on track.

Professional Dental Hygiene and Cleanings

Keeping to your regular visits to Short Pump Family Dentistry is a critical part of oral health both to keep your smile brilliant and prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

While daily flossing, brushing, and rinsing do keep dental plaque and disease at bay, a professional cleaning and checkup by a dental hygienist can help eliminate plaque and tartar buildup.

Fluoride Treatment

As an integral part of overall oral care, some patients may benefit from fluoride treatments. Fluoride makes teeth resistant to attacks from acid, plaque, sugars and bacteria that can form in the mouth and in this way it can help prevent tooth decay. It can even help re-mineralize teeth that may have had decay, preventing cavities from further developing.

Tooth Sealants

At Short Pump Family Dentistry, Dr. Tse uses sealants to protect the crevices and depressions in your teeth from particles of plaque and food that brushing and flossing do not catch. Especially useful for our younger patients, Dr. Tse paints a transparent plastic coating that “seals” those crevices and grooves, becoming a barrier and protecting the tooth enamel from decay from plaque and acids. Sealants often take just a few minutes to apply for each tooth and can last for many years until any reapplication could be needed.

Periodontal Disease, Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is what happens when the gums and bone surrounding the teeth get infected by bacteria. Bacteria found in plaque can produce toxins which can cause them to swell, bleed or turn red. If this irritation continues, then the gums themselves can start to separate away from the teeth and spaces called pockets begin to form. If left untreated gum disease can lead to a deterioration of gum tissue and even the bone that holds your teeth. This can lead to loss of teeth if not addressed.

Short Pump Family Dentistry offers scaling and root planing to help control periodontal disease, which allows Dr. Tse and his hygienist the ability to clean deeply around the gum line and in between teeth to make sure they stay healthy and disease free.

Chipped Tooth Repair

While your teeth are made from the strongest substance in your entire body, they are still subject to damage. Patients of all ages can suffer from a chipped tooth from time to time. Whether it was a front tooth that was injured on the playground or a back molar that was cracked during a business dinner, we are equipped to handle your family’s tooth damage. Short Pump Family Dentistry offers a variety of seamless repair solutions to restore the health, function and aesthetics of an injured or cracked tooth. Best of all, we’ll keep you informed and comfortable throughout your visit.

Emergency Dentistry

Just like other parts of your body, your teeth can demand urgent attention without prior notice. At Short Pump Family Dentistry, we never want patients to endure dental pain or a sudden tooth injury longer than they have to. That’s why we proudly offer emergency dentistry for all ages. With our full menu of dental services, we can address the aesthetics and health of your smile in the timely manner you deserve. Call us today if you are experiencing a severe toothache, an injured or avulsed tooth, a dental abscess or other urgent mouth-related problem. We promise to reduce your anxiety while getting your smile back to its best condition.

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Review from Tiffany S.
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Five stars

Tiffany S.

I had an amazing experience here. They treated me so well and really listened to what I wanted. I plan on switching to them for my routine cleanings. Thanks Dr. Tse!
Review from An L.
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Five stars

An L.

Dr. Tse is the best. I will only come to him from now. I also bring my family and friends to his office. The staffs are friendly and professional. They work with you to find the best time for your appointments.
Review from Kelly R.
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Five stars

Kelly R.

First time here and I highly recommend this practice. Very courteous and professional staff. Dr. Tse is an amazing dentist! He took the time to ask me questions as well as educate me on aspects that were pertinent to my dental situation. He answered my questions thoroughly and made me feel welcome as a patient. Thank you, Short Pump Family Dentistry!
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