Sedation Dentistry
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At Short Pump Family Dentistry, we realize that not everyone loves going to the dentist. In fact, there are many patients who experience significant anxiety or fear about dental care. This can cause them to avoid the treatments necessary for optimal oral health. To ensure all patients, young and old, feel comfortable at our office, we proudly offer sedation dentistry. Dr. Tse is passionate about showing children and adults that dental care can be both relaxing and rewarding.

Sedation Dentistry in Richmond

Beyond our sedation dentistry services, Short Pump Family Dentistry’s office is equipped with advanced dental technology to accelerate your visit and allow for more minimally invasive procedures. In addition, we offer multiple amenities to help you feel at home, including operatory TVs and more. If you have a specific concern or source of anxiety, please let us know. We will do everything we can to address it and create a stress-free experience.

Laughing Gas

Dr. Tse offers one of the most preferred options in sedation dentistry using laughing gas. Laughing gas sedation can be administered safely to both children and adults. It requires that patients gently breathe the sweet-smelling, colorless gas through a small nosepiece or mask. Within minutes, you will become completely relaxed, yet still able to communicate with our dental team if needed. Dr. Tse will monitor your response to the sedation throughout your procedure and may even adjust it if needed. You can expect to be unbothered by the dental work being performed, and some patients fall asleep. Best of all, laughing gas has no lingering effects, so you are safe to drive yourself home after your appointment.

Laughing gas allows patients to get the dental treatments they need, whether it is a simple dental cleaning or lengthy restorative procedure, despite their dental anxiety. If you or a member of your family is especially anxious or fearful about sitting in the dental chair, we can help. Many patients with varying levels of anxiety can take advantage of sedation dentistry at Short Pump Family Dentistry in Richmond.

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Review from Tiffany S.
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Five stars

Tiffany S.

I had an amazing experience here. They treated me so well and really listened to what I wanted. I plan on switching to them for my routine cleanings. Thanks Dr. Tse!
Review from An L.
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Five stars

An L.

Dr. Tse is the best. I will only come to him from now. I also bring my family and friends to his office. The staffs are friendly and professional. They work with you to find the best time for your appointments.
Review from Kelly R.
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Five stars

Kelly R.

First time here and I highly recommend this practice. Very courteous and professional staff. Dr. Tse is an amazing dentist! He took the time to ask me questions as well as educate me on aspects that were pertinent to my dental situation. He answered my questions thoroughly and made me feel welcome as a patient. Thank you, Short Pump Family Dentistry!
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